Welcome to Hartley Elementary School

Our mission: The Heart of Hartley: Safe, Caring & Respectful Learning Community.

Rob Rickert, Principal

My name is Rob Rickert, and I am fortunate enough to serve the Hartley community as principal.  I am excited to unite my experience, my openness to learn, and my belief that all children can achieve.  Most importantly, I bring a belief that students are at the center of all school-related decisions, and I encourage parents or guardians to become involved in school every way possible. 

At Hartley, we all have a deep and profound passion for supporting a diverse community of students and families and love working alongside people with different perspectives and cultures than our own.   Additionally, we promise to have high academic and behavioral expectations for ALL students.  School safety is paramount and we pledge to provide a safe learning environment full of caring and loving adults that want nothing more than to help students succeed.

Hartley serves students preschool through 5th grade.  Our preschool program serves children ages 3 to 5 and offers two sessions: a morning session and an afternoon session.  Our Kindergarten through 5th grade school day is from 9:00 a.m. to 3:38 p.m.  Breakfast and lunch are served daily to all students.

The Hartley Community Learning Center (CLC) is supported by Cedars Youth Services.  The CLC provides extended learning opportunities for students, before and after school programming, as well as family and community engagement.  As a Hartley community, we strive for a full service CLC/school learning center.

The work we do together is important.  With the support of the community, our goals are much more attainable.  Please do not hesitate to call, email or even stop into the office if you have any questions or concerns.


Robert D. Rickert

Principal-Hartley Elementary