Welcome to Hartley Elementary School

Our mission: The Heart of Hartley: Safe, Caring & Respectful Learning Community.

Jeff Rust, Principal
Jeff Rust, Principal

We promise to to have high academic and behavioral expectations for ALL students. I look forward to working with students, parents, staff and community members to continue our work on quality instruction focused on student learning.

Hartley Elementary was opened in 1921 and was named after the late Ellis T. Hartley who was superintendent of schools at the turn of the century. The students, staff, and parents take pride in the Hartley Community.  Hartley serves students preschool through 5th grade.  Our preschool program offers two sessions, morning and afternoon and serve 3-5 year old children.  Our school day is from 9:00-3:38.  Breakfast is served daily beginning at 8:30 AM.

The Hartley Community Learning Center (CLC) is supported by Cedars Youth Services.  The CLC provides extended learning opportunities for students, before and after school programing, as well as family and community engagement.  As a Hartley Community we strive for a full service CLC/school learning center.

At Hartley, it is our goal to provide a safe learning environment for ALL students. In order to provide a safe learning environment that promotes student engagement, students must learn and understand the expectations that it is Never OK to be hurtful, and Never OK to be disruptive. Hartley will continue to have and implement common expectations for ALL students throughout the learning environment.

Our work we do together is important to our students and community. With your support for Hartley, our goals are much more attainable. Please do not hesitate to call, email or even stop into the office if you have any questions or concerns.


Jeff A. Rust (jrust@lps.org)

Principal-Hartley Elementary