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Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (P.B.i.S.) is a system of school wide, classroom management and individual supports that provide simple but effective strategies to improve behavioral outcomes. The P.B.i.S framework provides intervention strategies based on over 30 years of research in school discipline from the education, public health, and psychology fields.

Our PBiS mission at Hartley Elementary is to support staff & students by educating and acknowledging appropriate behavior through data based decision making to ensure the Heart of Hartley remains a Safe, Caring, Responsible, and Respectful Learning Community.

The PBIS Acknowledgement System at Hartley Elementary includes:
Honorable Hornet Ticket
All staff will use tickets to acknowledge students’ meeting Hartley’s building wide expectations.
Hartley Hero (The new Star Citizen!)
One student per grade level will be awarded at a monthly assembly and will receive a medal to wear to the next assembly.
Arrival Trophy
A trophy will be awarded daily to K-2 and 3-5 classrooms that meet arrival expectations in the gym.
At each monthly assembly, one student’s name from each grade level will be drawn, the teacher will state how the student met the expectations, and the student will choose a reward for his/her class!
School Wide Acknowledgement
A grade level/school-wide graph will be developed and posted with progress towards goals. When the building reaches specific benchmarks, Hartley Elementary earns a Spirit Day!