New Walking Track Around Playground

It’s amazing what we can do together! Last year Hartley students, staff, friends, and families helped raise enough money to build an outdoor walking track for our school. We extend many thanks to members of the American Lutheran Church who held a pancake feed fundraiser, and raised $860, the Lincoln Track Club who donated $2,500, and Hartley students raising $1,370 through a coin drive! Additionally, our school won a Health grant through the LPS wellness program, and random donors donated $410 through Fund-A-Need. When this giving was added to $1,120 from the Dairy Council and $5,100 from the LPS facilities budget, enough was raised to cover the $16,500 total bid for the project. A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Ash (Hartley P.E. teacher) for coordinating and making this happen!
The students of Hartley will benefit greatly from this new addition to our playground facility, and during the hours when school is not in session, neighbors will also enjoy using the walking track. This project is an act of kind generosity that will promote good health in our community, providing an opportunity to improve health in our children and their families for generations to come!