Assemblies Honor Hartley Heroes

Hartley Expectations

Hartley Expectations

Hartley holds monthly assemblies, which are focused on a celebration of our students’ safe, respectful, responsible, and caring behavior. Staff members plan these assemblies to provide character education connected to our PBIS program!
The monthly assemblies include a presentation of the Hartley Hero awards for one student in each grade level (Preschool through 5th grade), cafeteria helper, and staff member. Teachers and staff nominate Heroes based on consistent demonstration of the qualities we strive for at Hartley.
Staff members also recognize students every day by handing out “Golden Tickets” when they observe a student demonstrating one of the building expectations. At the assemblies, each grade level combines their earned tickets, and Mr. Rust draws one name from each grade level. These students are Honorable Hornets. The winner then gets to select a reward for his or her whole class, such as an extra recess or hat day.
Hartley Heroes

Hartley Heroes

New Walking Track Around Playground

It’s amazing what we can do together! Last year Hartley students, staff, friends, and families helped raise enough money to build an outdoor walking track for our school. We extend many thanks to members of the American Lutheran Church who held a pancake feed fundraiser, and raised $860, the Lincoln Track Club who donated $2,500, and Hartley students raising $1,370 through a coin drive! Additionally, our school won a Health grant through the LPS wellness program, and random donors donated $410 through Fund-A-Need. When this giving was added to $1,120 from the Dairy Council and $5,100 from the LPS facilities budget, enough was raised to cover the $16,500 total bid for the project. A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Ash (Hartley P.E. teacher) for coordinating and making this happen!
The students of Hartley will benefit greatly from this new addition to our playground facility, and during the hours when school is not in session, neighbors will also enjoy using the walking track. This project is an act of kind generosity that will promote good health in our community, providing an opportunity to improve health in our children and their families for generations to come!

Hartley Branch of Liberty First Credit Union

We are pleased to continue our relationship with Liberty First this year to provide the Student Economic Education and Savings Program! Students learn about economic issues with curriculum provided by the Economic Education Department of the University of Nebraska, and have the opportunity to open a savings account at school. Students in grades 3-5 are eligible to open a savings account at any time during the school year; second graders are invited second semester. Deposits are collected until the student graduates from fifth grade (or moves to another school), when a cashier check is issued for the amount saved. Students also earn incentives for reaching various savings benchmarks. A group of fifth grade students serve as Tellers once a week. Katie Zabel, from Liberty First, and Mrs. Moore, Teacher Librarian, supervise the program. This is the fourth year Liberty First has collaborated with Hartley to provide this program!


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 6.20.45 PM
Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (P.B.i.S.) is a system of school wide, classroom management and individual supports that provide simple but effective strategies to improve behavioral outcomes. The P.B.i.S framework provides intervention strategies based on over 30 years of research in school discipline from the education, public health, and psychology fields.

Our PBiS mission at Hartley Elementary is to support staff & students by educating and acknowledging appropriate behavior through data based decision making to ensure the Heart of Hartley remains a Safe, Caring, Responsible, and Respectful Learning Community.

The PBIS Acknowledgement System at Hartley Elementary includes:
Honorable Hornet Ticket
All staff will use tickets to acknowledge students’ meeting Hartley’s building wide expectations.
Hartley Hero (The new Star Citizen!)
One student per grade level will be awarded at a monthly assembly and will receive a medal to wear to the next assembly.
Arrival Trophy
A trophy will be awarded daily to K-2 and 3-5 classrooms that meet arrival expectations in the gym.
At each monthly assembly, one student’s name from each grade level will be drawn, the teacher will state how the student met the expectations, and the student will choose a reward for his/her class!
School Wide Acknowledgement
A grade level/school-wide graph will be developed and posted with progress towards goals. When the building reaches specific benchmarks, Hartley Elementary earns a Spirit Day!

Books for Home and the Library!

Mrs. Moore, Hartley Teacher Librarian, gave away a free book to more than 240 Hartley students during the fall Parent Teacher Conferences! We appreciate the LPS Foundation grant, and individual donors who make this possible. All of the students were very excited to be able to choose a book and take it home. One of the kindergarteners commented, “This is the BEST night of my life!” It’s fun to hear and see the enthusiasm for reading!


Hartley’s library also received new books this fall! Sheri Christen, Teacher Librarian at Maxey Elementary, named Hartley as their “sister school” for donations during their fall Scholastic Book Fair. Maxey families donated 90 new books, and $100 to purchase additional books, to the Hartley Library after their fair in October. The new books will be available for check out after November. A HUGE thank you goes out to Mrs. Christen, and the generous Maxey families!